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First Comes Love… Then Comes Marriage

One of my best friends, Danielle married the love of her life and also my friend Raj on June 22, 2013! It was a beautiful, heartfelt and memorable day. The months of preparation leading up to it were so much fun.

We had multiple fittings, shopping trips, and of course, the shower. The Bachelorette Party was a weekend of fun girl time in Scottsdale, Arizona at The Phoenician Resort! It involved nights out on the town, relaxation at the spa, and an afternoon at the cabana at the resort’s pools. It was a fun and memorable weekend!

The day of the ceremony was a gorgeous, sunny, and HOT day in June. We converged at the hotel and traveled in a limo to the Longview Mansion, where we were fussed over, and prepared for the amazing day to come. Danielle and Raj had their ‘first look’, and we took our wedding party pictures. The windows of our room overlooked the front lawn where the ceremony was to take place. It was a perfect spot to watch the activity begin, and see the guests arrive. The ceremony was beautiful, and the reception afterward was SO MUCH FUN. We danced the night away, and then carried on the party at our hotel bar. I slept like a baby the whole next day.

It was a lovely, memorable and ridiculously amazing day, and I still feel so honored to have been a part of it!

Creative Films put together this fantastic sneak peek at the day- check it out:

Sharaya Mauck Photography took the most wonderful pictures of the event:

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We celebrated all night long, and they lived happily ever after! 🙂

“Where there is love, there is life” – Mahatma Gandhi


Check out all of the fabulous vendors and the hotel we used for our bachelorette party and the day of the wedding, and give them a shout out for your event because they are AMAZING!

Picture 5
The (awesome!) photographer for the wedding:

Picture 6

The (fantastic!) videographer for the wedding:


Picture 7

The most amazing resort for the bachelorette (and bachelor) party weekends:


Picture 9

The lovely hotel we stayed at the evening of the wedding:

Sheraton Hotel at the Overland Park Convention Center

(I am not being paid to sponsor anyone- I just highly recommend them!)



June Photo shoot: Wedding moments

For My monthly photo shoot, I will come up with a theme and document it to the best of my ability and talent- and will complete a goal on my 2013 Manifesto. Come along on the ride with me- oh, and strike a pose.

My theme for the month of June are moments from a wedding. All taken during the prep for one of my best friend’s big day. Congrats Danielle and Raj! ♥