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Be Intentional – Motivational Monday!


Welcome to Motivational Monday! A safe space to lay it all out on the table- no one is perfect, and every one needs a boost now and again. What time is better than on Monday, that sunny little bright spot of the week? Pull up a chair, keep an open mind, and let’s start this week right!

Living intentionally creates a foundation upon which we can build a thought-out life. Life is made up of choices, you get to pick your decisions and your attitude -and keeping a positive outlook creates new opportunities every day. Living intentionally will require you to take a step back and evaluate the culture and environment around you, how it is affecting you – and if it is taking you in a direction that want. You must also examine yourself and know who you are- what are your abilities and weaknesses, passions, talents, interests.

Now stop comparing yourself to others. You have your one life- and it’s up to you to be good at it. What do you want your life to communicate and contribute? What goals do you want to work toward? Stay focused, never stop reevaluating, and learn from others. Take responsibility for you!