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How to Plant a Succulent Garden

One of my 2014 Manifesto goals was to nurture my green thumb more this year. Last year I tried my hand at creating a terrarium. This year I re-did my terrarium, created another one, and started a succulent garden. Succulent gardens are easy to put together, and require minimal upkeep. It resides in my kitchen window nooks so the plants get plenty of sunlight.

In this post I’ll share with you how I put together my succulent garden. It’s a beginner’s stab at it, but several months later they are thriving!

1. Visit your local garden center and collect the supplies you will need. A pot or container, charcoal, cactus and succulent soil mix, the plants themselves, and any decorative items you wish to add.


2. My container has drainage holes so I do not need to worry about including gravel or another type of crushed stone to absorb water. After the drainage layer (if you need one), add the charcoal – this will help keep the soil fresh.


3. Add the soil. Succulents grow best in a soil made specially for them. There are different colors of soil available, but in the end it will all mix together and not matter at all which kind you choose.


4. Take the succulents out of their pots and mix their soil in with yours.


5. Plant the succulents. The plants I chose are (in front) Sempervivum Cebenese (back left) Echeveria and (back right) Senecio Scaposus.


6. Add any decorations you wish. I added lava rocks and a dried skull to play on the dessert theme.


7. Water the plants after you are done. Succulents only need watering about once a month, but get the 411 about the plants you purchase from the garden center workers. They are a wealth of information!


I have enjoyed nurturing my green thumb this year, and plan on continuing into 2015!

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