2016 Movie Challenge|Week 15|The Duchess


As one of my goals for 2016 I am participating in a movie challenge to watch a different film each week for all 52 weeks of the year – each with a unique theme. Some will be films I have seen before, others will be new, and all of them will adhere as closely as possible to the week’s theme. I will review each of them here weekly and if you like, you can follow along with me on the challenge!  I have listed each week’s challenge at the end of this post. So pop yourself a bowl of popcorn and kick up your feet!

Week 15: A movie based on a true story

The Duchess is based on the life of Georgiana Spencer, who became the Duchess of Devonshire upon her marriage to the Duke in 1774. Georgiana was popular and celebrated for her fashions and for her political involvement. What I find incredible about her was that she was such an active political campaigner in a time when women had few rights and women’s suffrage was more than a century away. She wrote a number of works, mothered numerous children including the future 6th Duke of Devonshire, and had lovers of her own.

This movie, The Duchess filmed in 2008 (which I had somehow never seen before) was a faithful retelling of Georgiana’s story- and also very entertaining. Kiera Knightly is fantastic as always and you can’t go wrong with Ralph Fiennes as Voldemort the Duke. The costuming and sets are absolutely incredible. The emotions are raw and portrayed to perfection. The drama is potent. Great film, thoroughly entertaining and educational. Two thumbs up!



2016 Movie Challenge

  • Week 1: A movie with bad reviews
  • Week 2: A movie you started but never finished
  • Week 3: A movie with a one word title
  • Week 4: A movie a friend recommended
  • Week 5: A movie with a love triangle
  • Week 6: A classic romance
  • Week 7: An Academy Award best picture
  • Week 8: A movie by a female director
  • Week 9: A movie based on or turned into a tv show
  • Week 10: A movie with a number in the title
  • Week 11: A movie based entirely on its cover
  • Week 12: A silent movie
  • Week 13: A funny movie
  • Week 14: A movie you own but have never watched
  • Week 15: A movie based on a true story
  • Week 16: A movie with antonyms in the title
  • Week 17: A movie directed by someone under 30
  • Week 18: A movie that made you cry
  • Week 19: A movie you were supposed to see in school but didn’t
  • Week 20: A movie your mom loves
  • Week 21: A movie based on a graphic novel or comic
  • Week 22: A trilogy Part 1
  • Week 23: A trilogy Part 2
  • Week 24: A trilogy Part 3
  • Week 25: A movie made by a director with your initials
  • Week 26: A movie set in a different country
  • Week 27: A movie with nonhuman characters
  • Week 28: A movie from a director you love but haven’t seen yet
  • Week 29: A movie at the bottom of your to-watch list
  • Week 30: A movie with magic
  • Week 31: A documentary
  • Week 32: A movie that came out the year you were born
  • Week 33: A movie you hate
  • Week 34: A movie based on a book
  • Week 35: A movie set in high school
  • Week 36: A musical
  • Week 37: A movie in a language you don’t speak
  • Week 38: A banned movie
  • Week 39: A popular director’s first movie
  • Week 40: A movie longer than 3 hours
  • Week 41: A movie with a color in the title
  • Week 42: A mystery or thriller
  • Week 43: A movie that scares you
  • Week 44: A movie that takes place in your home state
  • Week 45: A collection of short films
  • Week 46: A movie released this year
  • Week 47: A movie set somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit
  • Week 48: A memoir
  • Week 49: A movie by a director you’ve never seen before
  • Week 50: A movie set during Christmas
  • Week 51: A movie from your childhood
  • Week 52: A movie set in the future

3 responses to “2016 Movie Challenge|Week 15|The Duchess

  1. I love a solid period drama but for some reason I haven’t seen the Duchess yet, to my own surprise. Keira Knightley was fantastic in Price & Prejudice (in my opinion) so I think I’ll like her in this one as well. Certainly sounds like an interesting story. Great review, are you currently sharing your writing on any other movie/tv platforms?

    • Thank you! I am not currently writing anywhere else, life got in the way and I haven’t been keeping up with my blog, but I be getting back to it soon! Thanks for reading! 🙂

      • No problem at all, a great review. Well, If you do find more time at some point and are interested, I’d love to help you get your writing seen on Moviepilot/Creators. I’d love to hear from you if you’re interested. You can find my contact details on my ‘About’ page.

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