Living By Pinterest for One Week: An Experiment

In the five years since Pinterest was launched it has become a mecca for DIYers, housewives, moms, and girls planning everything from their weddings to vacations or what they want to wear for Halloween. For all of the good aspects it has to offer some have labeled it as a “churning cycle of interest, hope, inspiration, jealousy, desperation, despair and depression.” Clearly that can’t be good for a person! I disagree- who cares if the carefully planned dream wedding turns out differently? These pins, organized onto digital ‘boards’ are intended to be ideas, ones that can be sorted through and tried out. Not everything has to work out, that’s life! To prove that Pinterest isn’t just a catch all of lost hopes and broken dreams one of my goals for 2015 was to dedicate one week to conduct an experiment: I wanted to see if I could live off Pinterest ideas the entire time, from morning exercises, to an outfit to dinner.

I spent the months leading up to October going onto the Popular page on Pinterest periodically to pin the ideas I wanted to try. As soon as I decided to pull the trigger and go ahead with my experiment I organized my pins onto the days I would try them out. Not every pin I had collected made the final cut. I’ll also go ahead and declare a big Pintrest fail for all pins regarding exercise, cleaning and makeup. Those didn’t happen at all. I did manage to pull together an outfit based on a pin each day (made harder by the fact that my Royals are in the playoffs and of course I have to show my support!) I also put together a new hairstyle (almost) every day, made new dishes, desserts and did daily DIY activities.

I started my experiment on a Friday- all the better to have a weekend right away to get in the swing of things. One thing I learned quickly was that having to do my hair differently and pull together an outfit with restrictions makes getting ready in the morning take a lot more time. If you want to check out the website related to each idea for yourself just click on the heading for each pin, aka ‘outfit’ or ‘hair’.


Outfit: So I got the shirt right- except it looked dumb tucked in so that didn’t happen, also booties do not exist in my closet so boots had to do.

Hair: I had a heck of a time braiding the very back of my hair without being able to see what was going on. I had to rest several times as my hands were loosing circulation. It’s not a perfect match, but I liked the results well enough.

Dinner: I tried out the Pin, ‘How to Make Pasta Dough by Hand’ and it turned out AMAZING. This super simple recipe was fun and fast. It certainly helped that I have a pasta machine too. I will certainly be using this recipe again!!

Drink: A favorite drink- the amaretto sour. I’ve tried before to make it on my own and failed. I tried the pin for it on the popular page and failed again. Ha!

DIY: I started working on a dog food can made from an old Christmas popcorn tin. I’ll admit, even though I started this project on Friday it wasn’t finished until a week later on Thursday. (Rome was not built in a day either). However, even though my spray painting skills aren’t perfect I love how it turned out!


Breakfast: A complete and utter disaster. Think bland porridge. Even worse it smelled amazing while cooking.

Outfit: My favorite all week! Go Royals!!

Hair: This hairstyle took a little while to get somewhat right, but it was fun! It was the kind of change that I was looking for in the experiment.

DIY: I guess my dork is showing, but it was fun figuring out how to write my name in Elvish! Apparently ‘Kelly’ in Elvish means warrior, derived from the forest, wood, & all things Elvish. 🙂


Outfit: A total win!

Hair: A four braid fail, but a win in general when I switched it up!

DIY: A sweet dog collar/tie combo. It is amazing and makes my pug mix Charlie look totally handsome. He’ll have to wear it for his girlfriend that lives down the street.


Outfit: Totally casual look with a Royals twist. Not my finest look but it worked.

Hair: A total fail. My hair did not want to play the ‘casual wave’ game today.

Dinner: Sushi. It was amazing and I love that I now have the powers to make it whenever I want!

DIY: A biosphere, another experiment in itself! We’ll see how long my little aquatic world can sustain itself.


Outfit: Another Royals game day and I think I rocked it out, even if it doesn’t exactly match my style inspiration pin.

Hair: A concept I have been aware of but had not tried before due to my aversion to all things headband-like. Surprisingly I did like the look!

Dinner: Chicken Pad Thai- a nice try but oh my saltiness!! Next time that will need to be dealt with. I couldn’t even finish it it was so terrible.

DIY: I’ve been obsessed with trying out Lush bath bombs and I thought when I saw the ‘make your own Lush bath bomb!’ pin I would try it out. It is a fun process, but can be a little difficult to get them to stick/not fall apart. Maybe a different recipe would work out better. Anyway, it actually worked!!

Dessert: Cream puffs are now my new favorite thing. The cream is AMAZING.


Outfit: A total fail. It lasted just a little longer than my photo shoot session.

Hair: Another total fail. It lasted until just about the end of my photo shoot session.

Dinner: Ok, so I admit I got lazy. I made frozen ravioli as the pin wanted, but used a pre-made vodka sauce that I made from my old recipe a few days before. Still it was pretty good!

DIY: I tried a sugar scrub recipe that looks NOTHING like the pin, but did work pretty well I suppose. Fun to make, but I think I’ll stick with store bought scrubs.


Outfit: One of my favorite outfits of the week! It looks great with jeans also.

Hair: Good in concept, but a poor execution. I’ll have to practice so it doesn’t look  so messy in the future.

Dessert: Maybe the best dessert ever. Not just my words either. A Root Beer Float Pie? Heaven.

DIY: Henna is huge on Pinterest currently. I had every intention of following the instructions of how to make your own henna but discovered it would be less expensive to just go out a purchase a kit. It worked well, although I’m tired of it already. Handy tip- henna on your feet will last longer than henna on your hands (aka somewhere that is washed very frequently). I do suggest a towel on your work surface if you try this out. There are also some deals you can get on Amazon if you purchase a pack of cones, however you need to allow for several months of shipping time.

It was a fun week and overall I declare it a rousing success. I found several new recipes I love, made some pretty darn cute things and found several new hairstyles. While a lot of Pinterest is all about good lighting, it doesn’t mean you can’t make or do something equal as good or better.

What are some of the best pins you have found?


2 responses to “Living By Pinterest for One Week: An Experiment

  1. Such a fun challenge! Thanks for trying my hair tutorial and I love your two braid version x

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