August ArtSnacks Unboxing [ 2015 ]


One of my goals for 2015 is to sketch more. I’ve always loved art, whether it was admiring other’s work or creating my own. Over the past year I have been taking online classes through Sketchbook Skool. I found out about it before the first class and I’ve taken all three (plus currently their Bootkamp) that they have offered. They have inspired me to capture the everyday. They also inspired me to try new materials which has me on the hunt for the ‘perfect’ sketchbook as well as new products.

I absolutely loved the August Artsnacks box, they were all items I haven’t tried and they were so much fun to play with!

Denik Mini Sketchbook

Denik is a new notebook company that uses artwork from artists around the world for their sketchbook and journal cover design. Also, a portion of every product sold goes to building schools! The design on this mini sketchook is from Boston-basaed artist, Monique Amiee. I loved the design, and the paper is smooth as butter to sketch on!

ZIG Cartoonist Brush Pen No. 22

This pen inspired me to create the comic strip above- it worked really well overall! this brush is imported from Japan, and has a medium nylon brush tip that can create different sized lines. The pen body cartridges are refillable also!

Daler-Rowney FW Acrylic Ink

This is a special acrylic-based ink that’s highly pigmented and can be layed down repeatedly for a solid color. It could also be diluted for a water color effect. It has a high degree of light-fastness, which is great for art that will be permanently on display. The color this ink created in my Moleskin sketchbook is so amazing. It just jumps off the page at you!

Simply Simmons Paintbrush

This brush has soft bristles and is easy to clean. It worked pretty well with the ink, but did stain a little even though the ink wasn’t on it for too long. Overall? A good brush, but perhaps best with acrylic or watercolor.


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