ArtSnacks Travel Collection Unboxing [ 2015 ]


One of my goals for 2015 is to sketch more. I’ve always loved art, whether it was admiring other’s work or creating my own. Over the past year I have been taking online classes through Sketchbook Skool. I found out about it before the first class and I’ve taken all three (plus currently their Bootkamp) that they have offered. They have inspired me to capture the everyday. They also inspired me to try new materials which has me on the hunt for the ‘perfect’ sketchbook as well as new products.

I loved my Artsnacks Travel Collection box, there were items I had never seen before, others that I already have and love, and they will all be fun to take on the go! All of the Artsnacks Travel Collection boxes are sold out- but you can purchase any of these items on their own!

Moleskin Postal Notebook

Four moleskin paper pages folded into a card-style envelope. It is perfect for doodling and writing about your adventures. All you need is a stamp and you can mail it to a loved one!

unnamedNock Co. Chimneytop Case

Two pouches designed exclusively for ArtSnacks and handmade in the USA. They are a gorgeous teal color, shape wonderfully for art supplies, and even have the sweetest ArtSnacks

Copic Multiliner SP Brush Pen

This is a brush pen with water proof and refillable archival ink. The aluminum look is futuristic and industrial. Playing around with this pen, I know I will love it, it’s going in my pouch to be on the go!

Palomino COLORS Artist Color Pencils 

Twelve colored pencils with bright and bold pigments. The company is based out of California, made in Japan and is known for using genuine incense cedar. The pigmentation is gorgeous, and just flows onto the paper!

Bee Paper Super Deluxe Sketchbook

So far I love this sketchbook! It’s only 6×6 so it is perfect for travel and carrying around. It also has two different surfaces on every page. Thick for watercolor on one side and smoother on the other for pen and ink.

unnamedWinsor & Newton Cotman Watercolor Pan Sets

I already have this watercolor pan set, and I was actually excited to get another because I love it. I was already thinking about when I would need to purchase another one. There are twelve colors and pans perfect for mixing colors. These colors are great for mixing also.

CASTELL 9000 Perfect Pencil by Faber-Castell

This pencil has a plastic tip protector with a built-in sharpener and pocket clip. It is made of Castell 9000 graphite lead with a grade B weight. I don’t usually take pencils along with me because I hate the mess they make in my pouches, but this one has a built in ‘cap’ which protects the tip as well as makes a mess impossible. It would be great for traveling! 🙂

Faber-Castell Wave Eraser

This eraser is designed to rotate out of its casing to take care of those unwanted marks and then tuck right back in. I love the design, and it erased marks from the CASTELL 9000 Perfect Pencil completely.


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