‘Very Good Lives’ by J.K. Rowling [ REVIEW ]

Very Good Lives

One of my goals for 2015 is to get back to my roots and read more books. As the great Frederick Douglass said, ‘Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.’ Books are a passion – nay, an obsession of mine and always have been. I grew up in the library and my parents fostered my love of reading and learning. With books I have lived a thousand lives, found myself absorbed in different worlds, and learned immensely more than I could have otherwise. So put up your feet, grab a good paperback and let’s get reading!

In 2008 J.K. Rowling delivered the commencement address at Harvard University. I have to admit I’m pretty jealous. I graduated from college the same year and don’t even remember who gave our commencement address. I think I would remember every single word if J.K. Rowling had given it. She spoke about two topics very close to her heart: the benefits of failure and the importance of imagination. She said that having the courage to fail is as vital to having a good life as any conventional measure of success. Also, the ability to imagine ourselves in the place of another is a uniquely human quality to be nurtured at all costs. Her words inspire and ask the listener or reader to consider what it means to have a ‘good life’.

This book contains literally only the words of her speech accompanied by fantastic illustrations by Joel Holland. It is well packaged and presented for anyone who wants to be able to take it from the shelf and in less than ten minutes gain a burst of inspiration. This book is for anyone finding themselves at a turning point. It is a call to arms. In daring to take a risk and be willing to fail, to dare to imagine and put those thoughts into action we will begin to live less cautiously and become more open to all of the opportunities life has to offer.



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