30 by 30: Trip to #27 Indiana


One of my goals for 2015 is to visit 30 states by the time I turn 30.  It all started as an idea from a friend. The purpose is mainly just getting out there, making memories, and experiencing more of what  America has to offer. I have until September 9th, 2015 to complete this goal, so I better get traveling!! Pack your road trip gear and come along for the ride!

A few weeks ago (most) of my family went on a genealogy road trip! We knew the general location of an old family farm in Ohio, and decided to go on the trip we’ve been talking about for years. We’ve always wanted to go find it (again for my dad), and clean up around the area and get rubbings of the gravestones. The first state we drove through to get there that I had never been to before was Indiana! On the way through we didn’t stop to do much, but on the way back home we stopped at a candle factory and a gardening center! They were very welcoming and had LOTS of fun homemade products to look through and purchase. I even got myself a little souvenir in the form of an Indiana grown and produced Merlot!

That’s 27 down, three states to go!


The states I have now been to are:



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