March ArtSnacks Unboxing [ 2015 ]


One of my goals for 2015 is to sketch more. I’ve always loved art, whether it was admiring other’s work or creating my own. Over the past year I have been taking online classes through Sketchbook Skool. I found out about it before the first class and I’ve taken all three (plus currently their Bootkamp) that they have offered. They have inspired me to capture the everyday. They also inspired me to try new materials which has me on the hunt for the ‘perfect’ sketchbook as well as new products.

That’s where Art Snacks comes in- they send you new art products every month. March is the second month for me (and their 2 year birthday!) and I still love it! I wouldn’t have picked these items up on my own, and it was fun un-boxing and playing with my new toys.  The following are the products I received to make the sketch above.

Pro Art Chamois Cloth

A soft pliable cloth used for smudging, blending and shading. This cloth works really well with the Pentalic Soft Pastels.

Pentalic Soft Pastels

I got four soft white pastels in a easy to travel box. I haven’t played with pastels in a long time, so this was a fun surprise!

Conte Pierre Noir Sketching Pencil

This pencil has the darkest lead in the Conte pencil family and creates a matte finish. It was a different pencil to work with, I’ll have to play with it more to see what surfaces I like using it best on.

Art & Graphic Twin by Zig

One side of the marker has a brush-shaped rubber tip, making it super flexible on any surface. The opposite side has a thin felt tip for fine detail work. I love this pen – the brush end in particular is so fun to use.


The Aquatowel is a little wet towelette to clean up messy hands. It was developed by a former NASA engineer and is made up of mostly water.


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