February ArtSnacks Unboxing [ 2015 ]

artsnacks feb

One of my goals for 2015 is to sketch more. I’ve always loved art, whether it was admiring other’s work or creating my own. Over the past year I have been taking online classes through Sketchbook Skool. I found out about it before the first class and I’ve taken all three (plus currently their Bootkamp) that they have offered. They have inspired me to capture the everyday. They also inspired me to try new materials which has me on the hunt for the ‘perfect’ sketchbook as well as new products.

That’s where Art Snacks came in- they send you new art products every month- I decided to give it a go. February was the first month! I wouldn’t have picked these items up on my own, and I loved them all. I can see this will be something I look forward to each month! It was fun un-boxing and playing with my new toys as I snacked on the sweethearts included in the box. Below are some sketches I did to test out the products as well as my thoughts on the products.


GRUMBACHER Finest Watercolor Paint & GRUMBACHER Watercolor Brush

I have never sprung for one of the pricer watercolor tubes, but I realize now it’s worth it. This watercolor is incredible. It states that it has a rich pigment of color (Red Iron Oxide) and that it is designed to ensure a fluid even wash when mixed with a little bit of water. Very true- the smallest bit of watercolor with water is enough. The picture doesn’t fully capture the vibrancy of this color, and it went on with the brush like it was nothing. The brush itself is great too.


Kurecolor Fine & Brush for MANGA by Zig

This pen is awesome! It is double sided with a fine pen on one side and a bigger ‘brush’ tip on the other. It feels so soft on the paper, and doesn’t create weird marker lines. The color is ‘Pale Aqua’ and is comparable to if not better than my artist’s rendering markers.


GENERAL’S Sketch & Wash Pencil

This pen allows you to draw and then wash over the lines with water. I love this product, and will certainly be purchasing more!


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9 responses to “February ArtSnacks Unboxing [ 2015 ]

  1. I LOVE your sketches! You are so talented!! Keep them coming! 🙂

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