Getting Colorful at The Color Run!

Back in May my friend Anna and I had a father/daughter day at the Color Run! It is advertised as the ‘Happiest 5K on the Planet’ and it really is. We had so much fun, starting even before the word ‘GO!’ Here’s to good time with friends and family, and checking off a goal on my 2014 Manifesto!

A picture of the ‘before’- clean white shirts and no extracurricular color in sight. The threatening rain showers ended right before we hopped out of the car, so we were free to get messy!


We got our first taste of color at the yellow powder station. We learned quickly to hang out at the stations for a few minutes- liberally applying color ourselves to each other- whether it was invited or not. 😉


The Kansas City run we were in started in the parking lot near the Chiefs stadium, looped up around the Royals stadium and ended in the far parking lot. You don’t even feel like it’s work – running or walking. There were water stations set up strategically, and a big party with lots of extra color at the end. Here are the ‘After’ pictures!


The theme of the run was ‘Kaleidoscope’ so they had a big one for groups to pose in. Lots of hamming it up ensued. 🙂

TMCI14_21_00887_L TMCI14_21_00888_L TMCI14_21_00889_L

If you get the opportunity to participate in a Color Run, do not hesitate to do so, you will love it! You exercise, get colorful, and it is super easy to wash off in the shower. Just make sure you bring along sheets for your car ride home!


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