An End to Complaints – Motivational Monday!


Welcome to Motivational Monday! A safe space to lay it all out on the table- no one is perfect, and every one needs a boost now and again. What time is better than on Monday, that sunny little bright spot of the week? Pull up a chair, keep an open mind, and let’s start this week right!

This Monday, I am promising myself I will not complain once. About anything. In fact, I think this is a good motto to take into the entire week. The picture above suggests to watch how your life starts changing  once you have accomplished this for 24 hours. As sappy as these ‘motivational’ pictures can be, many of them, including this one, have a point. I in particular may not have ‘everything’, but I am blessed beyond measure. There are so many others far less fortunate than me. Yet I still complain about many things, all day long- most of them probably without even realizing it. I promise myself this week to be hyper-aware of when I complain, why I complain, and to try to get myself into the habit of changing those thoughts and words into positive ones. As my birthday rolls around again this year on Tuesday I see this as a new look on the ‘new year’- an opportunity to make a bit of a new start, to see things from other’s point of view and to have gratitude for all I have. I challenge everyone who reads this to go into today not only refraining from complaining – (how annoying even is just that word!?) – but to also see the beauty in trifling things that happen.

Happy Monday!



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