Make today an Adventure – Motivational Monday!

27 Things You Won't Regret When You're Older

Welcome to Motivational Monday! A safe space to lay it all out on the table- no one is perfect, and every one needs a boost now and again. What time is better than on Monday, that sunny little bright spot of the week? Pull up a chair, keep an open mind, and let’s start this week right!

Every day can have moments that make that day memorable. From the small to big things, every decision we make and the attitude we have toward things matters. Take a different route to work, turn up your music, go for a summer evening walk or dress up for no reason.

Remember that time when you drove four hours just to visit a friend? Or what about that Saturday when you went to the farmers’ market and bought too much pasta? No? Start making memories, y’all. Happy Monday!

GIF: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) / Via


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