The best is yet to come – Motivational Monday!


Welcome to Motivational Monday! A safe space to lay it all out on the table- no one is perfect, and every one needs a boost now and again. What time is better than on Monday, that sunny little bright spot of the week? Pull up a chair, keep an open mind, and let’s start this week right!

When we have a bad day or are just not happy at the time, it is both amazing and comforting to know that things will get better and that we are going to have better days than today. The reality of life is that we will face trials, sorrow and grief but with the right perspective we can move forward boldly to embrace our future. We can take charge of our own day, keep that chin up and go get em’!

So what can we focus on this week? Keep up hope for the future, and make today the best day you can!


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