2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi! (Opening Ceremonies!)


With more Winter Olympic events than ever before, competition for the 2014 Olympic Winter Games from Sochi, Russia, began one day prior to the Opening Ceremony. So weird. However, it was a very interesting evening with fun events including new event snowboard slopestyle (men’s and women’s), team figure skating, which is also in the Olympics for the first time; and women’s freestyle moguls.

A few cool things from the ‘opening’ day of competition, February 6:

Now on to the events of February 7th- the traditional Opening Ceremony of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi!  It was an incredible ceremony- so technical and artistic. The imagery and artistic interpretation were incredible.  As one NBC commentator said- “The music in this show is breathtaking.” It was all stunning, haunting, uplifting and hopeful. Just what an Olympic games opening ceremony should be. Several of my favorite moments were the first dream sequence, the horses in the Right of Spring (Medieval Russia) section, the blow up architecture- and how it floated up to transform into St. Basil’s Cathedral, the Imperial Russia depicting Peter the Great and all of the men marching on the imagery. I also enjoyed the War & Peace segment, the dramatic (if understated) Russian Revolution/Soviet period, the WWII tribute, the 50’s segment, and the Olympic gods flying through the air. I thought the use of a map on the floor depicting the emerging country- coming up as though directly from their homeland for the Parade of Nations was absolute perfection. Bravo! Molodyets!



One response to “2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi! (Opening Ceremonies!)

  1. it was a wonderful production and you captured it well

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