My Goals for 2014!!

Looking back on 2013 it has been a year of growth, and I am looking forward to another year of learning and growing, and helping others in 2014. A big thank you for coming along on the ride with me- and a big thank you to those who will be my partners in crime completing some of these goals with me!

2014 Manifesto

Take up yoga/Pilates/exercise to get in shape/stay healthy. (Most days I sit at a desk all day, so this is a requirement!)

Reach a point where I feel I am knowledgable and succesful in my new job

Climb a fourteener (mountain)

Watch as much of the 2014 Olympics as possible!

Walk/Run in a Color Run

Volunteer as much as possible in my community

Take a cooking class

Have a ‘Motivational Monday’ on my blog every Monday

Hang out in coffee shops more

Visit the Grand Canyon- and walk on the SkyWalk

Read the Chronicles of Narnia

Create my family tree

Learn a new vocabulary word every day

Attend a book signing event

Love my adopted city- experience more of Kansas City and all it has to offer

Take a train anywhere!

Complete the year with 1 recipe test a month with Anna!

Go tubing in the snow!

Create a gingerbread house of the Notre Dame in Paris with my brother!

Learn to play chess

When moving, donate/recycle/trash of at least 1/4 to 1/3 of everything

Get a puppy!

Put together a budget for my finances

Go on a spontaneous road trip

Read through the Bible

Drive at least part of Route 66

Spend the day in an art museum (again!)

Exercise that green thumb of mine more


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