Adios 2013, it’s been real!

It’s been a great year! I started out 2013 with a new ‘filler’ job (which I rocked), and ended the year with a new fantastic job in my chosen field! In between I was a bridesmaid- and watched one of my best friends get married, traveled to the Pacific Northwest with one of my best friends, stomped grapes with my mom, attended multiple amazing concerts, watched every single movie in AFI’s top 100 films of all time, made a birthday cake for all of my close relatives and friends throughout the year, and participated in earning the Guinness World Record for loudest open air football stadium at a Chiefs game! I walked in the ocean, drove through a tree, petted an aligator, drank pina coladas in a pool, donated to an Indiegogo campaign, participated in medical research, went to an IKEA store for the first time, and was there to support my brother cheering at his college as a yell leader! If you want to see how well I did with the goals on my manifesto this year, click here.

2014 will be all about making a difference- and not just in my own life. It will be about helping others and getting involved in my community- supporting my loved ones and others I don’t even know. So even though I will not have as many consistent goals on my manifesto this next year (like the AFI top 100 list) I will have some blogs with words of encouragement, goals we can all reach for, fuzzy feel goods and the like.

Be looking out tomorrow- January 1, 2014, for my new goals for the year! I’m looking forward to the new year full of new opportunities and experiences. Here’s to the best year yet!


One response to “Adios 2013, it’s been real!

  1. You have had a great 13, may 14 even be better. New job, new apt, and good goals in life… Keep chugging along. Love you G jan

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