Making a Lead Glass Window

Earlier this year I spent a fun afternoon in a class at the Creations Unique Studio in Topeka, KS, creating a lead glass panel to complete a goal on my 2013 Manifesto! It can be a time consuming process, but it is a lot of fun too! They sped it up by having pre-cut glass ready in patterns, so it was first come first serve to pick the pattern with the colors you wanted to work on and take home. We arranged the sizes within the pattern the way we wanted, and made sure the pieces were tight against the sides.

IMAG3956 IMAG3957

We cut pieces of “Round H” shaped lead came to fit around each of the glass pieces, fitting and cutting in an order that made sense for the size and location of the pieces like a puzzle. We put nails in the wood against our project to hold it in place. The lead came we used is pictured second from the left:


This is where the hot soldering iron comes in- this was my favorite part. You brush flux on the edges where the lead came meets, and on the edges where the lead came touches the aluminum siding, and solder using the proper technique. It’s not even very hard to correct mistakes. You have to make sure to solder both sides of the piece, cleaning as you go to make sure there are no rough areas. You can solder on wire hangers at this time too! This is an example from someone else’s project, as both of my hands were busy working on mine:


It must be cleaned, and then you apply wax, which sits for 24 hours:

IMAG3959 IMAG3958

All done! I love my little window! 🙂



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