King’s Cross by Timothy Keller


This year I will read all of the Timothy Keller books I own– five of them, and will complete a goal on my 2013 Manifesto. 

The third book up on my list is my favorite so far- Timothy Keller’s ‘King’s Cross: The Story of the World in the Life of Jesus“.

It’s a fantastic book that I highly recommend to anyone. In fact, if you want to borrow my copy, just ask. I couldn’t say it any better than its blurb on Amazon: “‘Unpredictable yet reliable, gentle yet powerful, authoritative yet humble, human yet divine.’ Respected pastor and bestselling author Tim Keller takes a deep and thought-provoking look at the life of Christ. Drawing from Mark’s gospel, he explains how Jesus’ identity as king and his purpose in dying on the cross have meaning and significance on a cosmic scale as well as for the individual.”

This book is broken up into two parts- first, The King, and secondly The Cross. The first part, The King focuses on the identity of Jesus. Keller draws from passages of Mark- who gave his accounts of the gospel and life of Jesus in a format that did not focus as much on Jesus’ teachings, but on Jesus’ life, his behavior, his actions. He speaks of what Jesus means for us as individuals and what he means for all of creation. The second half, The Cross, focuses on Jesus’ purpose on earth. I would love to go into details about each little part of this book but that would take forever, and I’d have to end up just copying word for word. Let me just say this: this book is truly something special. It takes the gospel and layes it out in no uncertain terms. It explores the life of Jesus and reveals him as what he really is. I’ll leave you with the gentle and kind urging to please read this book!! and this: This book will give you encouragement, open your eyes and heart- and can open you up to an entirely new journey with Christ.


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