Just a Message in a Bottle


Introducing the story of the message in the bottle. It is a short but funny tale.

The journey started while checking in at the airport in Kansas City. The scanner operator spotted something I suppose he thought looked suspicious in my bag and the TSA agent pulled it to do a physical search. She picked  up the tissue paper and unwrapped my message in a bottle that I had all ready to go. This was the ensuing conversation:

TSA agent: “It’s a message in a bottle!”

Me: “Ah, yes.”

TSA agent: (looking over at the scanner operator) “No Dwayne, it’s not for you!”

Flier in front of me: “That’s the first time I’ve ever seen a TSA agent laugh!”

Once we got to the coast my problems were not entirely over. There’s the issue of the Oregon coast in general. It’s beautiful, but there are a consideratable lack of cliffs from which to hurl bottles into the depths of the Pacific. We were at the beach plenty of times, but you’re standing either right the waves move in and out – but mostly in- causing difficulties. Or we had access to where the cliffs gently graded out to the sea- creating a distance entirely too far to chuck a bottle. Near the end of our epic road trip to the Pacific Northwest (blogs to follow)  I found a pretty good spot. At the mouth of the Columbia River where the water flows into the Pacific ocean created a pretty (if not an epic) spot from which to launch. Bon Voyage, bottle!

I included an email address in the bottle that I set up specifically for someone to email me back if they find the message. If I do get an email back, I’ll update with the news! 🙂 This completed an item on my 2013 Manifesto, check out the list!


2 responses to “Just a Message in a Bottle

  1. You may be so old by the time you get an answer-you wont be able to read it. HA HA-especially if it goes all the way to China

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