Cake Decoration 3: Grandma Jan’s Birthday!

For one year I will make a birthday cake for all of my immediate family and close friends- and will complete a goal on my 2013 Manifesto. Come along on the ride with me- oh, and can I borrow a cup of sugar? ;)

For my grandma Jan’s birthday this past weekend I got a little more creative, and made some gum paste flowers and went to a multi-level design. Making the gum paste, dying it light pink and making the flowers in the mold:

IMG_2674IMG_2675 IMG_2677

The finished cake!

IMG_2770 IMG_2774

We were all dressed up for the Emporia State women’s basketball final game in the MIAA Tournament- and we won! Check out the video below- and see if you can spot my brother doing his job as a yell leader on the cheer team:


3 responses to “Cake Decoration 3: Grandma Jan’s Birthday!

  1. thank you for posting the video, they did not show that part on tv when we watched

  2. cake was delicious and beautiful. Thank you

  3. pa just watched the video-and he is amazed at how your little phone can record history and send to us on the computor!!! Too hi tech for us-but glad we have you to do it for us. Thank you G Jan

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