Inventing a board game!


I did it! All year I was brainstorming how to make a ‘different’ board game- and with the recent Mayan “End of the world” business I had a idea.

My game is called “The Great Pacific Volcano ‘Adventure'” The players- up to 8, are tourists that have been captured by natives and are being led up a rope bridge on a volcano to be their ritualistic human sacrifices. Fun right? The object of the game is to be the last player standing- the last one to make it to the ‘finish’ (aka the open volcano at the center of the board).

All the items needed to get started, including an old board game I don’t want to play anymore:


Rendering the logo for the top of the box:


Gluing on the paper to the board:


After I finished it, Anna and I played the game. I won both times!



When you land on one of the Tiki masks you have to pick up a card and follow the instructions. They can help or hurt you. Here are a few of my favorites:

“The natives tickled you into submission. Go ahead 4 spaces.”

“You tried to make a great escape. Go back 2 spaces.”

“The natives push you forward. Go ahead 6 spaces.”

“You get stuck in a hole in the rope bridge. Skip a turn.”

“You got hit by a flying piece of lava. Ouch! Go forward 6 spaces.”

“You choked on volcano ash. Hope you feel better! Go ahead 4 spaces.”


IMG_2193 IMG_2195    IMG_2190


We played the game first with two dice, and then with just one. It worked out a lot better with one dice- we both ended up reading a lot more cards.

What is a game you would invent?


4 responses to “Inventing a board game!

  1. how fun, you are sooooo creative! maybe you should sell your game?

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  3. I think this is super great! Good job. Did you draw all of the little Tiki’s and such?

    • Thanks! Since I was running out of time left in the year I just printed out the tiki’s and the tourist game pieces from the internet. I drew everything else super fast! 🙂

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