Sewing a skirt

It’s been years since I’ve sewed anything. After my grandmother gave me her sewing machine for my birthday last year I immediately went out and got fabric and a pattern for a skirt. My grand plans of cranking out one article of clothing after another quickly became apparent that it wasn’t going to happen- but by stealing moments here and there I’ve finally finished it! I won’t be winning any grand champion awards at the fair mind you, but for going 10+ years without so much as blinking at a sewing machine I’d say I did a pretty darn good  job. Here was my process, step by step:

1. After realizing I didn’t purchase enough fabric initially I went back out and got different fabric- and enough of it. First thing was to wash and iron it:

2. I pinned the pattern on to the fabric.

3. And then I cut the patterns out.

4. I set up the panels as the pattern indicated to create the draping.

There is a lot of fabric!

5. I basted the panels together before switching to the sewing machine.

6. Then I ironed the panels into place.

7. Then it was time to learn how to use the new sewing machine. And this machine is way more high-tech than I’ve been used to.

8. I learned how to load the bobbin.

9. And also how to thread the machine. I practiced on a scrap peice of fabric.

10. The practice went well!

11. So I jumped right into the skirt.

12. After sewing up the pieces together I ironed the seams.

13. And even though the directions didn’t mention it, finished off the edges so they look nice.

14. Boom. Fantastic.


15. I sewed in the pockets- another new thing for me.



16. And sewed up the sides.


17. Then it came time to add the zipper and I had to switch out the foot and then figure out how to make the needle move over. On an computer in the machine. Also new.


18. Thank goodness for directions- and I got to sewing in the zipper.


19. Getting there!


20. Lesson learned: If you have a sewing machine with a computer in it- at least the version I have then when you turn off the machine the needle goes back to it’s default position. If you try to sew something with a different foot then the needle breaks and almost hits you in the eye. Good thing it was attached to the thread and couldn’t reach me!


21. Then I got to learn how to put a new needle in! The machine came with a little screwdriver for this purpose.


22. Zipper in. Check.


23. Likely not kosher- but I figured out the different thread pattern to use to close up the little area under the zipper without it puckering.


24. I cut out fabric for the waistband and ironed on the basting for it.


25. I ironed it into place. The directions were vague so I made this part up.


26. I pinned on the waistband to the skirt.


27. It makes a huge difference! I experimented in the back so the waistband overlaps itself.


28. Next I hand sewed on the hook on the waistband.


29. Looking good!


30. Almost done- sewing the hemline.


31. I cut off the extra, and cut off all of the extra threads, and gave it a good ironing.



I wore it to my family’s church Christmas Eve Candlelight service. LOVE.

The pockets make me happy! 😀

IMG_2083 IMG_2084

Happy sewing, and Merry Christmas!


4 responses to “Sewing a skirt

  1. how smart of you to get all that done, quite a first project on diff machine I would say-another talent you are using. Glad you did not ask me how to use it-I probably have forgotten?????? It probley needs a drop of oil? is there any instructions on that? Sorry about the needle accident, that could have been bad. Keep sewing these witer nites. Love you G Jan

  2. would like to have a print of that beautiful girl and her sewing project by her tree

  3. Sure! I’ll send one to your Walgreens. 🙂

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