In the spirit of Christmas

This past weekend I spent some time giving back. On Saturday Anna and I went shopping for a five year old boy that her apartment complex adopted. We chose to get his toys, and since he likes outdoor games and SpongeBob we got him a basketball and a SpongeBob themed ‘fishing’ game:


I wrapped up the gifts:


So they were all ready for Anna to take to her apartment complex. I hope he loves his toys!


Then on Sunday afternoon my mom, myself and my brother went to my family church to participate in the Angel Tree project. Angel Tree is a program where churches volunteer to purchase gifts for children of prisoners. The prisoners decide what they want purchased for their kid(s) and then a small group of volunteers from the church organize everything. My mom was one of those people for our church.

So we gathered this past Sunday to deliver all of the gifts from the parents to the kids. There were around 50 volunteers of all ages, and my mom and brother and I were paired up with three college/recent grad ladies who were so funny.

My brother- waiting for the pre-delivery meeting to begin:


Our little group had two homes to deliver to:


There were so many gifts!:


It was an incredible experience.

At the first home we met a mother and her two young children. The oldest boy was maybe four, and he was wearing an Iron Man costume and eating crackers. He turned on the Christmas tree lights so we could see their tree lit up. His little brother, who was probably 5 months at the most was so adorable.

The second home had several children, the oldest boy who was about 5 or 6 was playing outside with a friend when we arrived and he asked us if we were from Angel Tree. I asked him if he would go to the house with us and he yelled, ‘yeah!’ and he and his friend shot off like rockets toward the front door. It was crazy, because it turns out my mom knew the mother and one of the girls knew one of the family members there with a newborn baby girl. The kids were so cute, showing off for us, and the oldest girl, probably 5, gave one of us a candy cane. We all got big bear hugs goodbye from the mother.

So while we all know how much fun it is to get gifts on Christmas, just remember seeing others get them is magical.


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