Late Night at the Phog 2012

IT’S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN!!! COLLEGE BASKETBALL SEASON!!! 😀 We celebrated by attending that glorious place- Allen Field House, home of the Kansas Jayhawks for ‘Late Night at the Phog’. Those hallowed halls were rocking once again for a promising new season.

After all of the other fall sport teams were recognized they brought out Diamond Dixon to be a guest judge for the women’s basketball team’s dance off- and showed a special video they made for her winning a gold medal at the London Olympics. It was pretty special, especially after the crowd started chanting, ‘USA! USA! USA!’:

I filmed the end while everyone was chanting. Wish I’d been faster and taped the video they compiled for her!

The free give-away noise maker this year were clappers that lit up with blue flashing lights:

Our four seniors- I can’t believe it! Jeff Withey, Travis Releford, Elijah Johnson, and Kevin Young:

They had a several skits, one with bmx bikers performing tricks one of them even soared over Baby Jay’s head!

The unveiling of the latest Big 12 Championship date on the banner, that’s 8 straight years now!:

… and our latest NCAA Final Four (should have been another championship last year, grumble):

Can’t wait for the first game of the season!


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