KC Renaissance Festival – Double Take!

Two weekends in a row of KC Renaissance Festival fun! I spent the day with two of my besties- Lindsey and Anna- and Lindsey’s husband Chad! It was a much nicer day- although the day before we got a full day of thunderstorms and rain, meaning the earth paths at the festival were now mud paths! We had a very interesting start to the day.

First- we left the pirate/Star Wars comedy early, and got chased by a pirate:

And then I got swindled by a jester who clamped me in irons and hollered out to everyone, “Wench for sale!” Lindsey tried to save me but he’s a hard bargainer! Good thing I have small wrists – I managed to wriggle free and escape!

Things settled down a bit once we escaped- and went to the king and queen’s joust  where Joseph defeated Daniel (again! sheesh.):

We came back to the Joseph vs. Judas joust at 3pm, but didn’t stick around for the  Daniel vs. Judas joust set for dinnertime. However, we did find Waldo!:

Never thought I’d see a storm trooper with Jack Sparrow from ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’- of course I never thought I’d see a storm trooper at the Renaissance Festival either…

We had a blast! And in a unplanned hilarious twist of fate I wore my KU sweater this weekend as opposed to my KSU sweater last weekend. Some might say I’m confused- I say I just have twice the love for my teams! 🙂

Thanks for the invite Lindsey and Chad! 🙂


2 responses to “KC Renaissance Festival – Double Take!

  1. what a day you did have making memories

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