Painting in the great outdoors

After horseback riding on Sunday afternoon I drove around in the countryside until I found a nice little private area to paint outdoors- fulfilling another item on my 2012 Manifesto. It was so pleasant sitting there listening to the leaves in the trees over me rustling and sometimes falling to the ground, hearing the birds chattering away, and the moos of the cows penned in the fence. Fall is finally here! The bees were fairly interested in the paint, but thankfully left me alone.

It’s not my best work- but the idea was more to get out and enjoy the day than to create a masterpiece. So I’d like to try this again- maybe this year, maybe next (kind of depends on the weather and when I get a free weekend) but I decided to take a poll, where should I do the next painting outdoors?:


2 responses to “Painting in the great outdoors

  1. You are sooooo talented………

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