Saddle up!

I spent a lovely couple of hours Sunday afternoon at the Wild Rose Equine Center in Dearborn, MO and fulfilled one of the items on my 2012 Manifesto by taking the trail ride that they offer. It was a great day to be outdoors, and so nice to be around horses again!

There was some time to explore before the trail ride got started. One of the first things I saw was a sign ‘Puppies for Sale’- exciting until I saw the goats, lol:

This big guy was pretty funny as well:

‘Hello! Will you feed me?!?!’:

He was pretty hungry:

Time to saddle up! My horses’ name was ‘Horizon’- he was lazy and a bit stubborn, but generally very sweet. The girl behind me was kind enough to snap a picture of me- her horse ‘Fancy’ kept nipping ‘Horizon’ on the behind. 🙂

The twin boys riding in front of me were very entertaining. It was so funny to listen to their conversations. These are some of the overheard things they said to one another:

1. “Isaiah, what is your favorite mammal? A whale, horse, dog, cat or human?”

2. “WHOA! Your horse is POOPING!!!”

3. Twin #1: “Look!! My horse is PEEING!” Twin #2: “Mine TOO!”

4. Instructor: “Who’s older?” Twin #1: “ME! By ONE MINUTE!”

5. “After this let’s play legos! Let’s play the horse legos!”

Aren’t the twins so adorable?:

Video of the trail ride- it’s super shaky, as I was riding a horse, so note you are forewarned it might make you dizzy!

It was a blast, go check it out for yourself!


2 responses to “Saddle up!

  1. how fun on such a perfect afernoon!

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