Apple orchard birthday party!

September 9, 2012- my birthday!

We celebrated by going to the family owned Fieldstone Orchard in Overbrook, KS to have a picnic lunch, open gifts, and pick apples from their family owned orchard. We had a magical afternoon. 🙂

If you have never been to an apple orchard before this one will spoil you. With the picnic area they have set up, their country store- and the customer service from the greeting to waving you goodbye with your goodies, it’s tops. I was worried it would be brown and dusty after the drought we Midwesterners have been experiencing, but that wasn’t the case at all. It’s seriously a really pretty place!! Even with the drought it manages to look like this:

We had our picnic lunch and gift opening at the provided picnic tables. It was such a beautiful sunny day and a beautiful location. They had grape vines growing from the pergola- with dried up grapes- that nevertheless were very charming. A lunch of Subway sandwiches, dried apple slices, chips and lemon bars for my ‘birthday cake’ along with the best company and a sunny day was just what the doctor ordered:

After eating and gifts- thanks fam! -we loaded up in a couple of golf carts with three buckets- two for apples and one for the asian pears and several picker things and took off into the orchard. They are so nice and accommodating- one of the golf cart drivers took our picture, and they even let us borrow a fold-up chair for my grandma to sit on while we picked apples:

The apple picking commences!:

It was fun picking the apples- and messing around…


Jousting with the pickers:

Re-creating William Tell’s apple shot:

And generally messing around:

Then we got back to apple picking:

We had way too much fun:

And we got a LOT:

Picking apples at the Fieldstone was a fantastic way to spend my birthday and complete another item on my manifesto!

Can’t wait to go back for berry season! 🙂

Check them out here:


2 responses to “Apple orchard birthday party!

  1. what a fun fun day thanks for sharing.

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