September 11, 2001- Never forget

On September 11, 2001 I was a sophomore in high school. It was senior week and as a sophomore (the youngest grade in our high school) all of us little sophomore girls were dressed in our senior’s brother’s oversized shirts and hats for ‘Dress like a Man’ day. We heard the news when my first hour chemistry teacher’s wife called him twice and he actually answered her second call because it was so unusual for her to contact him when she knew he had a class. The rest of the day was a blur of catching glimpses of the TV in the media room, and suspended classes to talk about what was going on. It was a wake up call in my perfect world.

Today, eleven years after the attack I’m going to remember what happened that day and in the years since in my own way- through a poem called a sestina:

They wanted us to break

So they decided to attack

There was dust and smoke

Lives lost and families broken

But they cannot chain our hope

We will always remember


In the silence we remember

The day they tried to make us break

On wings of eagles flies our hope

That cannot be stopped by an attack

We are not the ones that are broken

Their dream went up in the smoke


Like the smoke

That hung in the air we will endure and remember

Our strength was not broken

There was nothing they could do to make us break

So we decided to attack

Upon retaliation we based our hope


For years in vain did we hope

He escaped in the wind like smoke

We set up a plan of attack

Knowing he would remember

That he tried to make us break

Before he was broken


After he was broken

We cheered for the realization of what had been our hope

For the demise of the man who had tried to make us break

But the joy felt was like smoke

Because the next day we remember

There is no righteous human retaliation for one weak man’s attack


Still we do not regret our attack

Because it proves we are not broken

It serves as a closed chapter and helps us remember

What is really our hope

It cannot go up in smoke

And because of it we will never break


What they really intended to break is a bond they could never attack

We have seen the smoke, and we have felt the pain and are not broken

The strength of our people is our hope, from this act we will always remember



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