Feeding time at the zoo!

My parents and I spent the morning of September 3rd at the Topeka zoo and we had a blast!We got there early planning to also leave early before it got too hot.

*Fall? Where are you my friend?*

We started out at the giraffes. I’ve always liked them because I’m tall too. The similarities end there. But still. No pictures, sorry. My camera failed me.

We then checked out the new penguin exhibit. I think it will get better with more money and more time. I can see how it would be fun for a group of kids with a tour guide though. They should check out the exhibit in Omaha, NE for some pointers. They have a fantastic exhibit there.

We meandered through the ‘quiet’ garden, which was really very pretty- where I adjusted their sun dial, hello daylight savings time! Then we went to the domed jungle. It was one of my favorite areas- for starters it was actually air-conditioned, crazy! They had all sorts of birds like this guy having his lunch:

Dad found a big bunch of bananas, with something funny growing out of the bottom:

They had a waterfall with a couple of pink flamingos enjoying their lunch:

My parents- having a blast:

I was LOVING the light in the jungle!:

Next we wandered over to the hippo area. That brought back memories. It’s one of the few things I remembered from coming here in elementary school (probably the last time I was here). That and the sculptural play park. That was so much fun. Anyway… back to the hippos. They were so cute lounging outside snuggling. I titled this one ‘Hippo love’:

I slid away from the hippos and tigers- where they had misters going. Flat wet concrete and my $2.50 Old Navy flip flops DO NOT mix. A younger girl was a little more unlucky than me and totally ate it.

The elephants were funny. When they figured out it was lunch time they all lumbered over like it was the best part of their day. They had to do a trick to get their bale of hay:

The lions were out and about even though it was getting hotter! As usual it was a ‘whip-out-a-movie-line-obscure-or-otherwise’ kind of day, and I had to sing “If I were King of the Forrrreesssttt!!! And I RUFF! and I RUFF!”  from ‘The Wizard of Oz’. Totally embarrassed my parents. Tehe! Check out the Lion’s classic song:

Anyway, this guy’s the boss. You can just tell:

Then we met Tiffany, the 44 year old Western Lowland Gorilla. When she’s excited, she claps and pats her belly, (according to the sign). I think she was mostly embarrassed of me. Oh well, at least I wasn’t singing any Jungle Book songs!:

I had to go pose by this crazy tall (extinct) penguin. The zoo should fill in the dirt on the bottom though, these things never accurately portray your height. I should be taller than this penguin at 6′:

We had to see the black bears before we left for lunch, they were so cute! It was feeding time here as well. I think they just fed whichever animals we were viewing at the time or something! This big guy (who still has at least 100 more pounds to gain!) was standing up for his head of lettuce from a zoo employee:

Last but not least were the bald eagles. It always makes me a little sad to see these guys caged, but it looked like they were at least being well cared for. Plus there are two of them so they have company!:

As we were leaving we passed the native Kansas animals, including some otters. They were stinking cute. So fuzzy and quick swimming around in the water! I couldn’t get a good picture of them just like the penguins, they are too darn fast for my camera.

The heat was soaring well into the 90’s when we left for lunch with my grandparents- which was delicious, and also a very fun time- at Coyote Canyon. I totally recommend it- it’s like Golden Coral, except a little bit cheaper, but with not quite as good mac and cheese and sweet rolls. Although theirs are still exceptional. 🙂

Moral of the story- go to your local zoo, whether it be the Topeka zoo or wherever. They’re fun, and informational! Also sing songs from movies in public as frequently as possible. 😉


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