Hot Air Balloon ride @ the Great Midwest Balloon Fest… 1st August recipe test with Anna!

Another couple of manifesto items checked off in grand fashion- with a fun evening testing out a recipe at my place and then going to the Great Midwest Balloon Fest where we got to ride in a hot air balloon! The dinner was tasty (if not healthy) and a good prelude to the festival- corn dogs and cherry limeaide! 😀

The cast of characters for the cherry limeade:

Be careful when you add the sugar- you get a very fun fizzy reaction!!:

Starting to drool a little:

Love love love:

The Cast of Characters for the corn dogs:

Mixing the batter:

I would recommend to flour the hot dogs before putting them in the batter. It helps the batter stick better:

Batter them up:

… and fry!:

Don’t they look just precious? 🙂



So tasty!:

After dinner we went to the Great Midwest Balloon Fest in Olathe for an evening of fun and excitement. I’ve never even been that close to a hot air balloon before and was happy to be able to go up in one (even though it would be tethered to the ground) and cross off another item on my manifesto!

When we got there they were still blowing up all of the balloons in the field:

They had a lot of fun shapes!:

Video of the balloon glow:

We waited in line for about 2 hours- crazy, I know:

This is serious business- this hot air ballooning. I’d like to see the liability release form for an un-tethered hot air balloon ride!:

Standing nearly under the balloon was almost as much fun as going up in it!:

Finally up in the balloon! The pilot said we were so light he didn’t even need to fire the burners. We just flew up up up until the lines tethering the balloon stopped us. It was a blast!:

Video of the pilot firing the burners in the hot air balloon:

I put flying in a hot air balloon as an item on my manifesto because I’ve always been nervous about going up in a hot air balloon- but thought it looked so thrilling and care free. I’ve been less nervous since years ago finding out that someone follows you in a car on the ground, but after this experience I am not nervous at all. I would love to take a ride in an untethered balloon- so now I’ll be watching out for Groupon deals! 😀


2 responses to “Hot Air Balloon ride @ the Great Midwest Balloon Fest… 1st August recipe test with Anna!

  1. I did not know you were up in a hot air balloon. How awsome! We were in Albequrqe to see the balloon festival once, but did not ride in one. So pretty.

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