Road trippin’ to Colorado!

The weekend of July 28th through Tuesday July 31st Anna and I road tripped it across Kansas and through Colorado to Anna’s sister’s family in the burbs outside of Denver. We had a fantastic trip, seeing the Rocky Mountain National Park, exploring Boulder, CO, having our own Olympic competition in their living room, and hanging out with Anna’s niece Evan who is the cutest and sweetest little girl you could imagine. The video above is a compilation of our trip- enjoy!

*Sorry the music is inappropriately dramatic at times- I had to switch it up with what I originally had. It’s better than silence I suppose. Or if you prefer silence just turn it to mute- there are points where the original video sound plays though. The next movie compilation (whenever that may be) will be much much better, I promise!! 🙂


2 responses to “Road trippin’ to Colorado!

  1. wonderful, thank you so much for sharing your fun trip. I did not know you got all that done in such a short time. Colo looks so dry and all the dead trees, not pretty and green like I remember it. THank you Thank you

  2. It was fun! Looking back at the videos I noticed some dead trees, but the overall impression I got was very green and beautiful! It rained several times up in the mountains, and was in the 70’s, so that probably helped too. 🙂

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