Omaha, Nebraska

The weekend of July 7th we visited family friends in Omaha, Nebraska. Like normal we went to the Henry Doorly Zoo and had a blast! The zoo “features the largest cat complex in North America; “Kingdoms of the Night” is the world’s largest nocturnal exhibit and indoor swamp; the Lied Jungle is one of the world’s largest indoor rainforest, and the “Desert Dome” is the world’s largest indoor desert, as well as the largest glazed geodesic dome in the world. The Zoo is Nebraska’s number one paid attendance attraction and has welcomed more than 25 million visitors over the past 40 years.” We started out in one of my favorite areas, the Lied Jungle:



After the jungle (which was so much fun!) we went to the aquarium. I love this place, it’s a must on the list every time we go to the zoo:



I’ve never been on the Skyfari before- it was so much fun!!!:

We walked down to the giraffes and the outdoor penguins- the penguins were hilarious, standing at their door waiting for food to come. I’ve never seen this area so deserted. Probably because of the heat, but I’m not complaining!:

The next morning we attended church with our friends and got to hear Matt play his violin. He’s so good!!:

After church we had a nice backyard lunch and had fun with their pet bird:

We saw a squirrel stealing an apple right off their tree too! The boys had a great time chasing it:

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2 responses to “Omaha, Nebraska

  1. My Grandmother lives near there and I love to go to that Zoo every tim we visit. We were just there in March. Good photos you got 🙂

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