Europe 2012- Day 15, Flight back to America

So this is it- the very last day of our European Adventure. We had to wake up very early again. We took the bus from Busingen to Schaffhausen, then the train from there directly to the airport in Zurich:


On the train to Zurich we were treated to a beautiful foggy morning with flashes of color and light and texture:

At the airport in Zurich we had some time to explore the duty free shopping areas. Must say, I thought it was awesome that the packaging on the cigarettes had to say ‘Smoking Kills’ in huge lettering:

Ready for our crazy long flight:


Edge of France:

At least the entertainment was good- our on flight movies were ‘This Means War’, ‘Big Miracle’ and ‘Sherlock Holmes: The Game of Shadows’! 🙂



We had a couple hour layover in Atlanta, GA and got back to Kansas City around dinner time. We stopped to eat at Wendy’s and then got back home and all fell into our beds, dog tired. We had an absolutely amazing trip, we’ll remember it forever! 🙂


2 responses to “Europe 2012- Day 15, Flight back to America

  1. I enjoyed see what you posted for each day of our trip. Thanks for adding some research into what we saw. The videos are a great touch too! You are right, what fun memories. And, what wonderful things we learned about church history!

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