Europe 2012- Day 14, Interlaken

The last day trip of our adventure in Europe was to Interlaken, Switzerland. It was well worth the wait!! Even getting there on the train the landscape was gorgeous. The town couldn’t be situated more specacularly- tucked between Lake Brienz to the east and Lake Thun to the west.  The Aare River flows through the town connecting the lakes. Then there are the Alps that just soar out of the earth. It started out as Aarmühle- named for the mill on the Aare river which was built there in or before 1365. It was known for it’s textile, printing and watchmaking industry. Interlaken’s reputation as a tourist resort town started in 1800- making Interlaken one of the oldest tourist resort towns in Switzerland. Officially the name changed to Interlaken in 1891, taking the name for it’s position between the lakes- in Latin- inter lacus. Today Interlaken is one of the most popular tourist resorts in Switzerland. It’s a destination for backpackers, skydivers, para gliders, hang gliders, and skiers. Upon arriving in town we walked to the train that would take us up one of the ‘shorter’ Alps to ‘Harder Kulm’. You can see the tracks in the mountains in the background of these pictures:



The beautiful Aare River flowed right past the train station that would take us up the mountain. The water was so crystal clear. We saw lots of the hang gliders that Interlaken is so popular for- there had to have been at least 20 of them all at once.


Jaw dropping views:

We walked along the mountain to get to the lookout area:


Um, yeah. No words needed:

We spent a nice time eating lunch, exploring- some went hiking, others relaxed under the umbrellas enjoying the view:


We also discovered the playground where I had to go on the swing – and down the slide. Seriously the craziest one I’ve ever been on:


Enjoying the mountain air:


Heading back down was an adventure. This chihuahua had a great view!:

Video of the first half descending the mountain:

Video of the second half:

Back in Interlaken we only had about 20 minutes to shop 😦


At least we got more beautiful views leaving!:

You can see the overlook where we were close to the top of the mountain- it’s the brown spot:

After another long train ride we settled back into our apartment in Busingen and enjoyed our last evening and a thunderstorm:

Early to bed- we had to be at the train station to leave early in the morning. This is that awkward moment where you are ready to go home, but you are just starting to feel like you really have a handle on the whole “get up early go to this place then go to another place thing”, and so you also are wishing you could stay and do more. Well, I guess I’ll have to wait until next time!


2 responses to “Europe 2012- Day 14, Interlaken

  1. such a wonderful wonderful trip, so appreciate your sharing it. Tried to feel cooler this pm watching all the mountain and water pictures. Thank you so much.

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