Europe 2012- Day 12, Stein am Rhein

Day 12 was a beautiful day in the 80’s with a warm breeze- a perfect day for a river cruise up the Rhein river to the town of Stein am Rhein for shopping, exploring and fun!

The boat arriving at the dock in Busingen:


It was a nice change from all of the train rides. There were so many people out and about- people sunning on the grassy beaches, swimming, boating, canoeing, bicycling, camping, etc. etc. – if there was an outdoor sport to be had they were doing it. It was just a really nice day. You could even hear the bells on the cows as we passed by!!:

Our boat had to stop at this town because of all of the unseasonable flooding- the water had risen too high for the boat to get under the covered bridge! The captain of the boat led us through the cute little town straight onto the boat waiting at the other side:


When we arrived at the dock at Stein am Rhien we found one of our leaders, Randy, waiting for uss with his feet in the Rhein. He had driven over separately in case we needed more transportation. It looked so refreshing we all followed his example. It was freezing!!! But it felt great on the hot day:

The town of Stein am Rhein was lovely. I wish we had more time there! There was plenty of great shopping, cute Swiss buildings, and amazing gelato to be eaten with our feet dangling in the Rhein river.

The town has a well-preserved medieval centre, that retains the ancient street plan. This part of the town has been pedestrianised and many of the medieval buildings are painted with beautiful frescoes. Stein am Rhein is home to a number of buildings that are listed as Swiss heritage sites of national significance. The building in the middle is the Town Hall and is one of the buildings on that list:

I had a blueberry gelato and we spent around a half an hour enjoying the sun, water and city life with our feet dangling in the Rhein:


Our boat on the first leg to the bridge was cancelled so we waited around for a bus they arranged for us to be picked up and taken to that town in the middle. It wasn’t so bad though when we were treated to a tune from a local street performer:

Randy took back some of our group in the van he had brought, and the rest of us cooked in the sun. It really wasn’t that bad waiting, but I was so hot I took a nap in the bus on the way to the town in the middle. (Totally unlike me- sleeping on public transportation? Crazy.)

The last boat ride back was very enjoyable:


When we got back to campus they had set up tables and chairs on the lawn for a picnic. Men were grilling the brats- my worst nightmare going to Germany. Come to find out they are nothing like the American version, (thank goodness)! They had turkey brats and the Swiss original. I chose the Swiss original, and it was actually good- it was like a crsipy hotdog. We had a very plesant time at our picnic, enjoying the food, the company, watching the pick-up soccer game, listening to music on the guitar- everything was perfect except for the pidgeon-sized mosquitos that were eating me up:



Pickup soccer (or European football) match:

We were treated to Chris’ guitar skills and a excersise in hilarity by him and Randy. They set dramatic music to Randy’s impromptu performance about the reformations and our visit:

Such a great day- it was nice to relax a little from the constant traveling!


2 responses to “Europe 2012- Day 12, Stein am Rhein

  1. what a neat day, river, picnic and fireworks… thanks for sharing.

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