Europe 2012- Day 6, Busingen and Rhine Falls

Day 6 was another semi-lazy but very fun day. We started the day by getting to sleep in a little and then attended the church service on the European Nazarene College campus. The sermon was on John 5: 1-15. It was about Jesus healing the injured man  of 38 years after asking him if he wanted to be healed. The man is unappreciative and doesn’t believe, even after he is healed. Being fully healed doesn’t mean an easy or long life, but it does mean eternal life in Heaven through Jesus! 🙂 (The above pix is my brother checking out our view at our apartment on campus.)

After lunch we went on a walk while the students were having class. Fun fact of the day, the neighbor next to the campus owns camels! Not what I was expecting in Germany:

We walked by beautiful fields- the only downside was the swarming bugs. The view made up for that though:

More German cows! :

My parents- headed into the German forest: 🙂

Walking in the woods in Germany was so amazing. The world was just alive with color and sound and nature life. I could have stayed in there for hours! Click here to my YouTube channel to see my beautiful Momma in our walk in the woods:

View from the woods back toward campus. Further on the left you can see the church that we visited on Day 2 of our adventure:

Later in the afternoon we went to the Rhine Falls close to Schaffhausen. It was so amazing to just watch. The amount of water is incredible. Rhine Falls is the largest waterfall in all of Europe. Video from this angle :

I love the secondary waterfalls that were everywhere:

So much power! Check another video here: – and here’s another one with a close up of the water at the very base: (I was a little video happy here!):

Me messing around:

You’re a force of nature! Dad takes the srength test at the Rhine Falls: The sign says that the falls in summer have an average gross output of 138,000 kilowatts of power per second. This thing measures only 80!:

The water at the bottom of the waterfall was one big whirlpool- it was constantly swirling. Boats would go up toward the falls, turn off their engines and then go flying back. Must be a thrill for the tourists: 🙂

The boats also dropped people off at one of the rocks in the center to climb to the top. I would have loved to have been able to do that. (But maybe while wearing a poncho):

Me again!:

Someone’s private property was right next to the falls- and they own mountain goats! I don’t think we could have fed them if we wanted, they were very content finding their own food:

Where he was pointing is where we climbed back up- we started there and then made our way down past the falls to the cafe/gift shop (yes!) and watched the falls for awhile. The trek back up was a little more work than going down!:

Delicious dinner (takeout) at campus- here’s a video- – and yes, I’m crazy. I take way too many videos/pictures. But it was really good pizza!:

My gross-out picture, and I apologize. This is where the poison ivy saga started. I thought it was a bump from where I bonked my head on the low doorway at the Munot at first, but then it spread on my forehead so then later I thought it was something I got in the forest. Since finding out from my dermatologist that it is poison ivy I bet I got it the first day in Busingen when we walked by the Rhine after singing at the church. There were low hanging branches and that would explain ‘the first contact’ area- getting hit in the forehead first!:

So despite my poison ivy issues this was a great day and it ended restfully. While lots of people went off to watch a depressing movie I got some alone time that everyone needs on trips and was able to listen to Bach (since in Germany) and work on my sketches/scrapbook. 🙂


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