Europe 2012- Day 4, Zurich to Vienna to Munich

Long (but fun) day- started in Zurich aboard the night train (which I still count as day 4, seeing as there wasn’t much sleep involved- onto Vienna in the morning, and then an fast train into Munich that evening. The train travel thus begins! The above picture was taken in Zurich as we arrived for the night train. It was absolutely pouring and we had to wait a couple of hours for our train.

There was a little bit of entertainment though- Volvo was having an art show of some kind where they were painting a brand new car on the market. We’re wondering if they were shooting a commercial or shooting some kind of promotional material.

Finally after we boarded the train I and most of the others in our group spent a night of tossing and turning. I was seriously annoyed since the last night train I took in 2007 from Paris to Rome was a piece of cake. This one however was not fun. Maybe it was the fact that we had a 6 person bunk instead of a 4 person bunk and were therefore more squished with even more tossing/turning/snoring.

Good thing our breakfast was tasty, although I would have liked some milk or orange juice. I’m not a fan of tea or coffee. Water is a very strange morning drink when it’s been heated for tea. 🙂

Arriving in Vienna, the sight of St. Stephen’s Cathedral made everything better:

We were also able to tour the catacombs/crypt underneath the cathedral. There are remains of over 11,000 humans buried there. Many are from the outbreak of the bubonic plauge in 1735. There’s one area where you can even see the skulls!  The bishops of the cathedral are also buried there- the last being only 8 years ago. There is also a room with just internal organs from the Hapsburg family. The jars are labeled very well.

 05- A symbol of the resistance of the Nazi occupation of Austria:

Interior of St. Stephen’s- beautiful anyway and then they added the light show. I felt like I was at an underwater disco.

Guys dressed up to sell tickets to a Mozart concert that evening. I thought them all standing around with their briefcase, waterbottle and nice car was pretty funny:

Palace grounds- the rose garden:

Lazy lunch- by the way, a lemon in your coke actually tastes good!

True Viennese apple strudel- SO GOOD!!!:

Back at St. Stephen’s- me and some of the group climbed up the tower stairs to about where I’m pointing on the model. They didn’t have it open to climb up any further, but the height I went was far enough! In other news, I’m seriously considering joining a gym.

Hello! Totally worth the climb!:

Amazing view!:

More shots of our short day in Vienna, Austria:

Sooner than we liked we had to be off on the fast train from Vienna to Munich. I had probably the best pasta dish of the trip on the ride- another plus, I finally got Pepsi!! This was the first of only two meals where Pepsi was an option. What is with Europe’s obsession with Coca Cola??:

View from the train of Salzburg, Austria. I’ve decided I have to come back, it’s such a beautiful area. Seeing this of course led to renditions of ‘The Hills are Alive’ from the Sound of Music as these were the (of the same string of)mountains the VonTrapp family climbed in the movie:

View from our hotel room in Munich. We didn’t get an opportunity to do much of anything that evening, which was just as well. The area from the train station to our hotel was quite unsavory:

Despite all of the frantic traveling we had a great day- with time to recoup and for me to update my sketches/clips of whatever in my trip journal during the train ride from Vienna to Munich. Oh- and yes, that is rain/wet you see in the picture of Munich. Moist weather was following us everywhere!


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  1. what a day that was! thanks for sharing

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