Europe 2012- Day 3, Schaffhausen, Switzerland

We spent our third day of our trip in the nearby town of Schaffhausen, Switzerland. It’s such a cute town, clearly dripping with history. It hails from the middle ages and still boasts many Renaissance buildings with their original frescos as well as a 16th century fortification called the Munot.

I got a plum tart at the Muller Beck cafe in town. I had asked for the apricot one, but I guess that’s one of those things that happens when you don’t speak the same language! It was a happy mistake though, it was delicious!:

House zum Ritter at Vordergasse 65, one of the listed houses:

City center in Schaffhausen:

Back to Busingen for lunch at the campus:

Then back in Schaffhausen for the afternoon. We had to get gelato first thing 🙂

We went to St. John’s church (beautiful!) and listened to someone play the pipe organ there:

Church portal of the All Saints Abbey:

We also went to the Munot, it and the view were beautiful!:

Dinner back at campus- we ordered doner kebabs for dinner:

A great day with a refreshing thunderstorm to top it off 🙂 Video of it taken from our kitchen window in the apartment on campus:


5 responses to “Europe 2012- Day 3, Schaffhausen, Switzerland

  1. How beautiful…. Thanks for sharing your trip. Love you G Jan

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