Europe 2012- Day 2, Busingen, Germany

I’ve found it’s best to adapt with the local time zone to beat jet lag and that’s just what we did. ‘Day’ 2 was a really loopy and tired extension of day 1. It was a nice rainy day in Busingen just settling into the 7 hour time difference and the new culture.

We had some time to settle into our apartments and freshen up- (no napping!) and then were welcomed with open arms at a tea in the campus cafeteria. I had time to sit there and sketch the building across the street- it’s over 1,000 years old!

After the tea we all walked through town and up the country lane to a local church- St. Michael’s. Click on this link to see one of the cows we met on our walk giving Kirsten’s hand a bath- he was a very friendly cow!

My first poppy up close! I love these flowers. Maybe it has something to do with being from Kansas- ‘Poppies will make them sleep!!” (Wizard of Oz joke) 🙂

Beautiful walk:

St. Michael’s is a beautiful church and it was really special to share a few songs there:

Back in town we explored a little. They have both a Swiss and German telephone right next to one another. 🙂

The local restaurant where they hold a bunch of weddings- I can see why, it was beautiful right there on the Rhine!

Finally time to get to bed a little early- it was a great first day on our European adventure!


3 responses to “Europe 2012- Day 2, Busingen, Germany

  1. How beautiful, sure enjoyed the picture, music and the cows-so appreciate you sharing with me. Love you G Jan

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