Afternoon at the Sea Life Aquarium @ Crown Center

Last Sunday afternoon we went to the Sea Life Aquarium at Crown Center in KCMO and had a great time exploring the new building and making sure the center of attention- Evan had a wonderful experience. Be sure to watch the videos too- sweet Evan will steal your heart! 😀 For those of you who don’t know, Evan is one of my BFF’s forever, Anna’s sister’s daughter… so basically family. 😉

Evan and the Puffer Fish!

Look, an aquarium for tall people!! YES!!!

It’s a snake!

Here comes a sharkie!

Patriotic Jellyfish

Nemo and Dory!

Seahorse Dance

Claustrophobic bubble picture with Anna! 🙂

Fun in the souvenir shop with the bouncy balls- or as Evan says, the ‘Bubbles!’ 🙂

I could use one of these! lol (just kidding!) 🙂

Evan loved the trains at Fritz’s diner:

When I left Evan waved at me and said ‘Bye Kelly!’ Love! 😀

That’s the second aquarium attraction I’ve been to this year to count toward my 2012 manifesto. Check out my fun day at the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium with Lindsey, Anna and Chad right here! 


3 responses to “Afternoon at the Sea Life Aquarium @ Crown Center

  1. Kathy Lafferty

    Thanks for the blog and the videos, Kelly! 🙂 We had a great time, and we’re so glad you could come with us!

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