Let’s catch up homies

Time flies- literally. It’s almost the end of April and it feels like we just rang in the new year. I’ve been feeling like there are several posts I should wrap up and some exciting things I should share.

First- I would like to wrap up my 40 Days post.

I decided to participate in Lent this year and I gave up pop completly for that entire span- actually it ended up being 48 days since I went until the Monday after Easter. It was an eye opening time – one I also would not like to repeat. It was easier and tougher than I expected. First, I did have that wonderful caffinee headache for the first couple of days. Then I got to the point where I was totally fine not having pop- I actually enjoyed figuring out what else on menus I would want. Strawberry lemonaide has become a new favorite. At work I would (and still) drink water or a flavored water for lunch. I’ve gone back to having pop or milk or whatever for dinner- but I don’t feel as dependant on it anymore!! I do feel like I was tested more in other ways during this time with my health and my faith. Without going into details my health is fine and my faith is strong. Satan has a funny way of messing with you when you feel like you’re doing great. Probably because you’re relying on yourself and not God as it should be. It’s pretty easy to get knocked over when it’s just you.

Second update: Is Kelly still curly???

Yes… and no. Who was I kidding? I can’t have my hair curly every day, that would drive me nuts. I actually did have it curly only for about a month but now I go back and forth more often than before.

Third update: Will I turn into a yogi?

Very doubtful. But I do like the classes- and they are good for relaxing and loosening up. The class that Danielle and I took this week was the ‘classic’ yoga version- so I learned more poses and terms. Suprisingly I could keep up pretty well- balance was only an issue on a few poses. I don’t think she got into anything really advanced though. Gentle yoga is up again next Monday… followed by a cycling class on Tuesday. Not sure yet what we’ve gotten ourselves into…

Fourth update: Show me the money!!

No- I did not go get a lottery ticket when the pot was crazy huge like I need to for # 27 on my manifesto. I’m re-thinking some life choices right now… lol.

How am I doing on my manifesto?

Overall, not bad! These are the items I’ve completed/am in the process of completing:

1.    Spend a day at an art museum Completed 1/14/12

My dad and I spent the day at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art – so much fun. This is a must-repeat experience for sure!

4.    ‘Learning new Recipes’ Dinner with Anna/Lindsey twice a month

Jan. (1) Jan. (2) Feb. (1) Feb. (2) March (1) March (2) April (1) April (1) part 2  April (2)

Anna and I have so far succesfully had a recipe test dinner/lunch twice a month! I’m really enjoying this experience- spending more time with Anna and figuring out new things to make for myself. May will be crazy and interesting, but we’re going to make it work!

12.  Attend two concerts in a week… and live to tell the tale Completed the week of Jan. 17/19

So much fun. I love concerts. I’ve been to the Lady Antebellum concert since then with Danielle. Looking forward to as many more as possible this year!

22.  Read all of Jane Austen’s novels

Northanger Abbey Sense and Sensibility

Great books- I’m glad I decided to read all of these novels. Working on Pride and Prejudice right now. I have about a gazillion other books I’m working on at the same time, (how did I turn into one of those people?) but I’ll make it!

24.  Visit an aquarium attraction Completed April 21, 2012

Such a fun day! Wonderful to see Lindsey and Chad- and a fun day at the Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium to boot! I’m looking forward to hopefully going to the new aquarium at Crown Center soon.

31. Take a yoga class Completed April 17, 2012

I’m so zen. 😉


Breaking news: these are the items from the manifesto that I’m working on- all soon to be completed if it is the Lord’s will:

6.    Travel to Europe

Oh yes. Super pumped. The fam and I are going to Germany, Switzerland, Austria and France in only 39 days from today, but who’s counting? I would also like to mention that this will be my third time to Paris, and my third time to Europe in general. I’m one blessed gal. 🙂

7.    Make a budget for my finances

I’m working on it, ok? Geez…

10. Complete my resume and portfolio

Very close to being nearly completed. I want to get it all done before we head off on the jet plane so I can stop thinking about them.

23.  Organize my closets

This is seriously happening. You should see the hallway where my closets are. Yikes.


Here’s to a great rest of 2012- may your days be blessed and you and yours remain happy and healthy!


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