Day Trip to Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium

Wake up: 5:55 am – Leave for Road Trip: 6:20am- Breakfast at the McDonald’s with the flying Duck: 6:45ish- Arrive at Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium: 10:20am.

Lindsey, Anna, Chad And I had a wonderful day at the zoo- we explored almost every area of the zoo. We saw acrobatic monkeys, lazy hippopotamus, lots and lots of bats, an Arapaima just like on “River Monsters” with Jeremy Wade (love that show), huge sharks, diving penguins, lots of beautiful jellyfish, lots of giraffes with babies!, and an ostrich try to intimidate a zookeeper. There was a super lazy sea lion, a lot more monkeys, a bunch of bears, and a bunch of cats- including a really awesome white tiger that we basically adopted. 🙂

Here’s our day in pictures- with lots of accompanying videos. Just click on the links and you it’ll take you to my youtube channel. It won’t open a new window, so you’ll have to click on the ‘back arrow’ button to get back to my blog. Sorry. If anyone knows how to fix that if you could let me know that would be awesome. Hope you enjoy!

I loved these monkeys- they were so funny. Every time more people would come over they would start doing more tricks, like they were performing and knew everyone was watching. 🙂

Monkeying around in the Jungle! VIDEO:

This is the exact spot my brother started liking penguins in. They are fun to watch! There was one who was very interested in all of the kids. 🙂

Penguins!! VIDEO:

I love the underwater tunnels- I just wish they weren’t always such a mob scene!

Underwater Adventure: VIDEO:

I love Jellyfish- always have. They just move so gracefully. They are totally mesmerizing.

Jellyfish: VIDEO:

Upside-Down Jellyfish: VIDEO:

I’ve also always loved giraffes- possibly because I am crazy tall just like them! I was excited to see the baby giraffes, they were so cute!

Giraffe! VIDEO:

I love trains at zoos/amusement parks/anywhere really. Get it from my mom. 🙂

Train at the Zoo VIDEO:

Very feisty sea lions! They were either sassy or sleepy- see the videos 😉

Sea Lions frolicking VIDEO:

Super lazy Sea lion, so hilarious! VIDEO:

We saw a zookeeper walking around in an open outdoor area with giraffe and ostriches- it appeared that he may have been looking for ostrich eggs or something. That must have been the case because a very indignant ostrich tried to intimidate him. It looked like she would have chased him down if she needed to! The poor guy was just trying to do his job. Super funny video- they are all good- but this one is hilarious!

Ostrich Intimidates Zookeeper VIDEO:

I’ve never seen this area before- not sure if they expanded the gorilla area like they did with the aquarium, but they had a really nice setup!

Gorilla Yoga VIDEO:

The Puma was just sitting on her branches when we got there- but not soon after she started growling and attacking a tire and generally being moody. Maybe it was my ‘Puma shoe’ comment. :/

Angry Puma VIDEO:

We spent about 10 minutes with the White Tiger and fell in love. He/she was pacing, wanting his food, then walked the length of the glass back and forth checking out all of the humans. He was waiting patiently for his food when we had to leave- check out the last picture. He was so sad to see us go!! 😦

Our sweet White Tiger VIDEO:

What an awesome day!! Awesome to be able to check off #24- Visit an aquarium attraction!!! 😀

Some more pictures from our day:

We had dinner at the Old Spaghetti Works (delicious!) – really fun day! 🙂


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