Imagine yourself in your mind…

… breathe in and out.. sync your breathing to your movements.. and try to ignore those clangs and thumps coming from the next room! If you couldn’t guess, I finally took a yoga class!! Unfortunately sometimes it was hard to ‘relax’ and control my breathing when a bunch of people were exercising really loud in the next room. It reminded me of trying to watch a romantic comedy with a loud action movie in the next door theatre.

Danielle and I got a Groupon for a bunch of classes at multiple locations- and will be able to take whatever classes we want that they offer as well. In the future I’m excited to take kickboxing, cycling and pilaties. We got it started off right with the yoga class where we learned how to bend and stretch and contort into all sorts of crazy positions. And once I got past the clangs and thumps and the complete lack of balance necessary for many yoga poses- it was very relaxing and actually helped my desk-hunch back pain! 😀


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