Bracketology- part 2

Well obviously I wish the season had finished with a KU win instead of Kentucky… but I’m happy with KU’s season this year. They went far beyond anyone’s expectations. We’ll miss you seniors, (plus T Rob) and Danny!!!

My bracket fared decently – all things considered. Mizzou and Duke messed it up early (fine by me) and I ended up with Kentucky correct as the winner. I wish life could have followed my fantasy bracket with Kansas as the winner! 🙂

These are my stats from espn’s bracket competition page- I ranked 1,287,744th among who knows how many people- and was at 80%:

In my Facebook friends group online through espn I ended up ranked 4th of 31 people- not bad!

Among all of the (zillions) of Kansas fans on espn I ranked 4180th:

Among all the (zillions) of Kansas State fans on espn I ranked 938th:

View my first bracketology post here.

Even though there’s really no chance of me guessing the March Madness bracket correctly I will still do it every year- because that is what college basketball fans do. We dream and plan and cheer and cheer and celebrate and are devastated when our team gets kicked out- no matter what the circumstances are. But there is always hope for the next season!

So until next March- EMAW & Rock Chalk Jayhawk, Go KU!!


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