It’s that time of year again!
I’ve set up my guesses for my bracket a little safer than usual this year because usually I don’t and that hasn’t ever worked out very well so far.  I looked up each of the schedules for the teams (time consuming and ridiculous) and cross referenced several teams that had beat that same team, or ones who had lost or won to a team that I had them up against, (even more time consuming and ridiculous). I usually just fly by the seat of my pants, so we’ll see if this method works. It will probably work out better than my first thought of comparing all of the mascots and setting them up against each other as to whom I think would win…
As for my teams- I’m predicting KU to go to the Elite 8, and KSU to make it to the Sweet Sixteen. I’d really love to be wrong and celebrate another National Championship, but I don’t think that’s probably realistic this year. Although I’d settle for another North Carolina win! Buahaha!
Yes, I have Kentucky winning, but hey- that’s better than Duke, Missouri, North Carolina or Syracuse, right!?!  🙂 So, I’m keeping track- we’ll see how many I’ve guessed correctly and how many I was off on. (I’m usually off by at least 18 or more.. we’ll see if this one breaks the mold).

What’s your NCAA bracket look like for March Madness?


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