Life lately… according to my android phone

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1. I fixed the cheesecake from this recipe test with Anna. It’s delicious! (Just needed more baking time than the recipe called for).

2. Longhorn Steakhouse for mom’s b-day. I finally found something I like! Sierra Chicken – made for great leftovers too.

3. Mom’s birthday party!

4. Sylas & Maddy’s ice cream w/ Anna on her work break!

5. Green Machine- impromptu snack at work

6. Lunch break while out and about at work at Taco Bell- no pop involved! 😉

7. Dr. Scholl’s foot map analysis. Apparently I’m a heel-balancer.

8. Last of the rock candy from the now out of business Penny Annie’s candy shop in downtown Lawrence.

9. Last snow (hopefully) of the season.

10. Curious rat at the pet store. I named him Pierre.

11. Guinea pig at the pet store- I think I captured the single moment he opened his eyes the entire time we were there.

12. Crazy rambunctious mice at the pet store.

13. Colorful birds at the pet store

14. Kevin touching a starfish at the pet store!

15. Orange leaf frozen yogurt 🙂 Kevin Young and Jordan Juneman of the KU basketball team were there.

16. Vodka Penne @ Paisanos w/ Grandma Lee. Delicious!

17. Bowling with the fam!

18. Game # 1- Kevin, me, then mom. Yes, I lost badly and got my personal worst at the same time.

19. Game # 2- Same order- I did much better!

20. Downtown Kansas City blocked off for the Big 12 Tournament.

21. First blossoms on the Magnolia tree out my window!

22. Leave request for our family trip to Europe approved!

23. Backed up traffic under downtown KC for the Big 12 tournament.

24. Bug eating plants at Lowes! Tempting…

25. Made Strawberry Cream Cheese Cookie Tarts for Grandma’s birthday party.

26. Signs of spring!

27. Grandma’s party/St. Paul Singing Saints at the Messiah Lutheran Church in Emporia, KS.

28. St. Paul’s Singing Saints warming up.

29. Explosion of blossoms on the magnolia tree!



One response to “Life lately… according to my android phone

  1. enjoyed the pictures and sketches-you have been busy, thank you for the good birthday tarts and the birdhouse looks so neat hanging from the edge of the patio. thank you Love you G Jan

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