Ferris Wheels and Red Carpet Couture

February 14

Valentine’s Day- and…

the birthday of George Washington Gale Ferris, Jr.

– the inventor of the Ferris Wheel –


Just one more reason to celebrate this holiday!

For those of us without a significant other this year- or even those with one- Valentine’s Day can be more than just a corporate event that supports local florists, candy stores and jewelers. It is one day set aside to make sure we tell people how much we appreciate/love them.

*Side note to future husband: I would prefer to get flowers at work on a random day for no particular reason at all.  Wink,wink 🙂

In other news, the Grammys were this past weekend- and other than a few ‘interesting’ parts I thought it was the best yet.

My favorite group, ‘The Civil Wars’ were nominated for their first two grammy awards and they won them both!! They even preformed on the show!

Every year I watch the arrivals on the red carpet and rate the best and worst outfits for the year. In no particular order, here they are!

My Favorites:

Adele: Class, as always

Kelly Rowland: Beautiful- I don’t have a pix of the back but it’s amazeballs

The Civil Wars: I couldn’t just put a picture of Joy because John Paul looked very dapper- and his shoes are fantastic.

Paris Hilton: Usually not on my list, but I actually really like her dress

Taylor Swift: LOVE this dress!

The Truly Awful, ‘What Were they Thinking!? Outfits:

Fergie: Really? Epic stylist fail.

Robyn: The mullet dress. Doesn’t work for hair, and it doesn’t work for clothing.

Nicki Minaj: Little Red Riding Hood gone wrong.

Dead Mouse: I understand it’s his ‘stage presence’ to wear the crazy mouse head, don’t you think he should have worn a suit??

Sasha Gradiva: Love the dress, but the gun/arm accessory is not necessary.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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